Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Unveiling of the G&Z S850SL

Ripon, California U.S.A. November  14, 2012 – Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) is proud to announce the New S850SL: Mid-Size Slipform Paver with Swing Legs.  With the success of the G&Z S600 in the domestic and international markets, the patented AccuSteer: Slew Drive Track Control System and SmartLeg: Swing Leg System have been made available as options on the G&Z S850 in lieu of the reliable and time-tested QUADRA bolster system.

AccuSteer consists of slew drives that are mounted on top of the crawler track yokes that are used to steer the tracks in lieu of steering cylinders.  AccuSteer drives are powered with hourglass worm technology to give long life, high accuracy and extremely high maneuverability.  AccuSteer allows the operator to independently rotate the tracks almost a full circle, providing exceptional on site maneuverability and rapid swing leg relocation for paving and transport without the need to re-pin steering cylinders.

Working in tandem with AccuSteer, SmartLeg allows the operator to adjust the swing leg angle on the fly while automatically keeping the crawler track straight ahead.  This offers a high level of flexibility for the contractor to maneuver around track line obstacles (e.g. fire hydrants, airport runway lights, etc.) on the fly and without stopping to make a mechanical swing leg adjustment or re-clocking the steering transducer.  With SmartLeg, the process for transforming the S850SL into the transport configuration can be semi-automated.  This simple process dramatically saves time over other conventional four track slipform pavers.  Using the combination of the 90 degree, AccuSteer and SmartLeg, the four swing bolsters and crawler tracks are semi-automatically walked into the outboard, transport position in approx. 30 minutes.

Where Does the G&Z S850SL Fit in the Market?

As G&Z continues to explore ways to increase available paving time and decrease set up time, the S850SL is designed to fulfill the need for a versatile, maneuverable, time saving mid-size paver that has the ability to achieve good smoothness numbers.  The S850SL Paver is one of the narrowest profile mid-size pavers on the market.  When equipped with special narrow grouser pads, the S850SL can work next to a temporary barrier wall on a companion lane trackline as little as 12” (30cm) wide with and without a DBI.  The S850SL has been engineered to make contractors more productive.  The S850SL time saving options provide the contractor with the opportunity for more paving hours in the day and more paving days during the season.

S850SL Applications

The S850SL Mid-Size Concrete Slipform Paver is an “All-Purpose” mid-size paver.  It is ideal for city streets, secondary roads, highway and airport paving, ramps as well as canal lining applications.

S850SL Specifications

The G&Z S850SL features a patented double telescopic tractor frame, access walkway, and hose hinges for a nominal working range of 12'-0" to 26'-0" (3.66 m to 7.92 m) with up to 7’-0” (2.13 m) of telescopic ability per side - the widest range in the industry. With the addition of optional bolt-in tractor frame extensions, the S850SL tractor can extend up to nom. 39'-5" (12 m).  When the tractor frame is equipped with G&Z’s Patented JC Extender System, major tractor width changes can be done in under one hour.  The S850SL is available with G&Z’s patented and time saving TeleEnd: Telescopic Paving Kit End Sections which allow hydraulic telescopic ability of 3’ (915mm) per end or 4’ (1250 mm) with the New TeleEndXL. The S850SL can be equipped with a mechanical dowel bar inserter (DBI) and can be supplied with hydraulic or electric poker vibrators.  The paving kit, front tie bar inserter and many of the other optional attachments on the S850SL are interchangeable with other G&Z paver models, giving the contractor a more versatile fleet of paving equipment. 

About Guntert & Zimmerman

In 1956, Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) pioneered and introduced the first crawler track mounted, concrete slipform paver with automatic line and grade control in the United States.  In 1963, G&Z along with SGME, Belgium successfully introduced the first slipform paver into Europe and set a standard for how concrete roads and airports building.  Today, G&Z’s wide range of productive and dependable concrete paving products make it the most trusted and respected name in the market. Since its founding in 1942, G&Z has been known for its innovative and pioneering spirit by helping to make contractors as productive as possible. G&Z is constantly developing new technology and upgrading its existing product offering which includes a full range of slipform pavers, placer spreaders, mechanical dowel bar inserters (DBI), texture cure machines, and concrete plants. Whether your machine is new or has over 10,000 hours of operation, G&Z guarantees your satisfaction and will provide you service and parts support no matter where you are in the world. G&Z is also a leader in the design and manufacture of canal construction equipment and bucket wheel trenchers along with other special equipment.­­­

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