Friday, December 12, 2014

G&Z Unveils New MP550 at World of Concrete 2015

Ripon, California U.S.A. December 12, 2014 – Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) is proud to take part in World of Concrete 2015 (Central Hall, Booth #C6474) by unveiling its New MP550: Material Placer. The MP550 is designed for versatilityhigh productionease of maintenance and has the lowest operating cost of any machine in its class.

The MP550 is the most versatile material placer on the market. It is capable of handling a wide variety of concrete slumps as well as dry materials. The MP550 features four wheels with high flotation tires. It is four-wheel drive with acumen, dual axle steering with only a 12’ (3.66M) inside turning radius. This offers greater ease of movement in and around the jobsite. Its concrete hopper design has been carefully crafted to reduce dump box height. The MP550 hopper’s front lip is only 23” (584mm) off the ground allowing it to receive the widest range of trucks. The MP550’s 35’ (10.7M) long Swing Conveyor, which can pivot 170 degrees, is designed with a hinge point near the tail pulley for ease of clearing barrier walls and other jobsite obstructions while minimizing the material discharge height...Read More

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

G&Z Brings EGON IntelliMatics™ and Other Machine Improvements to CONEXPO 2014

Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) is proud to take part in CONEXPO/CONAGG 2014 (South Hall, Booth #61115) with its EGON IntelliMatics™, updated TC1500: Texture Cure Machine, S600: Multi-Purpose Concrete Slipform Paver and TeleEnd: Telescopic End Section.
EGON IntelliMatics saw its international release at bauma 2013. EGON IntelliMatics will be rolled out to the US market at CONEXPO. EGON IntelliMatics takes the concept of telematics — monitoring engine functions to catch small issues before they become major problems — and expands this to all aspects of machine operation including hydraulic and electrical functions.
The updated TC1500: Texture Cure Machine will feature new relocatable jacking columns, new cure spray hood with quick width change feature, new cure spray system, new standard cure tote usability and new EGON Plus+1 controls.
The S600: Multi-Purpose Slipform Paver will be equipped with new features including EGON IntelliMatics and TightTrack: Tight Trackline Paving Package that allows contractors to pave with only 12” (30cm) of companion lane trackline...Read More
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EGON: Equipment Guidance and Operation Network

Ripon, California U.S.A. April 2, 2013 – Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) EGON: Equipment Guidance and Operation Network is a Next Generation Operator Control System that incorporates user friendly features, a modular state of the art network of controllers, extensive onboard and remote monitoring options, and diagnostic capability to allow superior ease of use and troubleshooting. G&Z’s first engineering goal is to manufacture paving equipment that “Maximizes Available Paving Time and Minimizes Everything Else.” The G&Z software engineering team has designed EGON to meet this standard. It has never been easier to operate, reconfigure, diagnose, and manage a piece of concrete paving equipment. EGON is available on all G&Z slipform paving equipment models.

EGON Onboard Operator Interface

EGON’s Operator Interface features both an operator console and a TFT LCD Display that is mounted directly above the console. The Operator Interface is designed to be intuitive and ergonomically sound. The operator console is designed in a compact package to allow it to be easily moved anywhere along the handrail of the operator platform to fit operator preference. The operator console features intuitively organized switches which are labeled with standard ISO symbols making this a durable, easy to use, and multi-lingual user interface. The EGON TFT LCD display includes the latest in mobile interface technology such as high resolution, an anti-glare color screen, sensor controlled backlighting ensuring optimal legibility under all ambient light conditions, and CAN, RS-232, and USB interfaces for all control system updates and diagnostics. Monitoring paver performance has never been easier. The EGON display gives an all-in-one overview of the paver’s extensive systems including: the status of all machine I/O (inputs and outputs), system faults, electronic monitoring of all hydraulic pump pressure and filter conditions (clog monitoring with alarm), fuel level, individual forward/reverse track pressure, and machine configuration and mode. In addition to status, EGON also allows the operator to modify important machines settings including: paver dimensions, sensor calibration, gain values, crown and slope adjustments, and the ability to change machine travel modes via an easy-to-use automated process. In short, EGON has taken the average paver operator’s experience to a new technological level.

EGON Semi-Automated Paver Reconfiguration

G&Z’s software engineering team has taken paver operation and reconfiguration levels that have not been seen in the concrete industry in the past. With semi-automated processes for many features and configurations it’s never been easier to operate a piece of slipform paving equipment.  EGON’s onboard TFT Display will walk the operator through the automated steps as well as directing the steps required by ground personnel. The mode reconfiguration processes include the following: paving to 90 degree, paving to counter-rotate, paving to transport, and of course back to paving from each respective mode. These semi-automated processes ensure the reconfiguration is done correctly and saves the contractor time.

EGON Remote Operator Interface and Diagnostic System

EGON also features a powerful remote diagnostics/monitoring system that will allow any machine owner to protect their investment. The G&Z software engineering team has added to the already extensive onboard capabilities and designed a web based remote user interface to allow maximum connectivity anywhere in the world. Some of these capabilities include: the ability to download program updates, input and output monitoring, remote troubleshooting to reduce service visits, error codes emailed to the customer and G&Z in real-time, connectivity via WiFi or GSM, GPS technology to monitor location, data logging, maintenance reminders, remote setting changes, etc. To summarize all of these potential machine events, EGON will even send the customer and G&Z a detailed report at the end of a predetermined machine runtime for constant monitoring and peace of mind. Truly the sky is the limit with this system, and the potential customer savings over the life of the paver are limitless. EGON has once again taken machine connectivity and service to the next level, and this new system will allow G&Z to always be connected.

NoLine and EGON
NoLine: Stringless Preparation Kit can be included as an option on all G&Z Pavers and Support Equipment. NoLine is comprised of an EGON software upgrade and a hardware kit. NoLine EGON Software Upgrade integrates the use of third-party stringless technology directly into the machine's CANBus network. The NoLine Hardware Kit provides telescopic masts for the total station prisms (only necessary on pavers) and battery backup. NoLine makes paving stringless easy through reliable, proven and integrated software.

EGON Asset Management

EGON’s remote features also make it capable of being used as an asset management system. The EGON online interface will display engine hours, notify the user when a machine is online, and provide location details of the asset itself.  This is a great tool for the equipment managers while in the office. It also brings peace of mind when parking a machine in a remote location or in winter storage.

About Guntert & Zimmerman

In 1956, Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) pioneered and introduced the first crawler track mounted, concrete slipform paver with automatic line and grade control in the United States.  In 1963, G&Z along with SGME, Belgium successfully introduced the first slipform paver into Europe and set a standard for how concrete roads and airports building.  Today, G&Z’s wide range of productive and dependable concrete paving products make it the most trusted and respected name in the market. Since its founding in 1942, G&Z has been known for its innovative and pioneering spirit by helping to make contractors as productive as possible. G&Z is constantly developing new technology and upgrading its existing product offering which includes a full range of slipform pavers, placer spreaders, mechanical dowel bar inserters (DBI), texture cure machines, and concrete plants. Whether your machine is new or has over 10,000 hours of operation, G&Z guarantees your satisfaction and will provide you service and parts support no matter where you are in the world. G&Z is also a leader in the design and manufacture of canal construction equipment and bucket wheel trenchers along with other special equipment.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

G&Z Brings S600 with New Features to Bauma 2013

Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) is proud to take part in Bauma 2013 (Stand 1013/3 (Open Air Area F10)) with its S600: Multi-Purpose Concrete Slipform Paver.  The S600 has taken the US market by storm since its domestic introduction at CONEXPO/CONAGG 2011 and has continued to grab market share internationally since its debut at Intermat 2012. At Bauma 2013, the S600 will be equipped with several new and innovative features that will offer international contractors more productivity and more available paving time during the year...Read More.

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