Friday, October 23, 2009

New TeleEnds: Telescopic End Sections

Guntert & Zimmerman is proud to announce its New Telescopic End Sections.  Not all contractors necessarily require the ability to change widths in the middle of a pour, however many do want the capability to change widths quickly in between pours.  Presently, the market offers concrete paving equipment which utilizes variable and quick width solutions but can not meet tight smoothness specifications.  Today’s market requires contractors to have the ability to change widths quickly to meet production schedules while not sacrificing smoothness.

G&Z’s New Telescopic End Sections allow the contractor to perform width changes quickly and with fewer personnel.  The Telescopic End Sections give the contractor 6 feet (1.8 m) of quick width change capability on both the G&Z S850 and S1500 Slipform Pavers. A width change which could typically take a four person crew no less than a full day can now be performed by one or two people in two hours. The new end sections can be specified as an option during the purchase of a new G&Z Slipform Paver or can be retrofitted to any existing G&Z Slipform Paver.  The Telescopic End Sections will also be available as an option on G&Z’s New S600 Multi-Purpose Slipform Paver.

The G&Z Telescopic End Sections answer both the need for quick width changes as well as the ability to achieve smooth pavements.  Giving up that smoothness to gain functionality was never an option when developing this new option.  It has always been a source of pride for G&Z that its customers are confident in the smoothness produced by its rigid and high production slipform pavers.  Because of the quick width change capability the contractor has a better chance of paving everyday.

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