Monday, April 4, 2011

Guntert & Zimmerman Partners with Leica Geosystems

Stringless Concrete Slipform Paver

Starting in late 2008, Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) and Leica Geosystems partnered together with the goal of 3D stringless technology to a customer base focused on ride smoothness.  No one has every argued about the huge potential benefits of 3D stringless paving; however, prior to this time, stringless technology was widely considered by contractors to be more suited to airfield paving and highway paving under less stringent smoothness specifications.  This perception was changed in late 2009 when G&Z and Leica Geosystems partnered with Flynn Construction of Dubuque, IA on their 10.5 mile Highway 65 Demonstration project near  Mason City, Iowa where Flynn’s G&Z S850 paver was controlled using Leica’s industry-standard LMGS-S stringless concrete paving system. 

Under Iowa’s very strict zero blanking band smoothness specification, Flynn earned 100% of the available smoothness bonus and did zero grinding.  The smoothness achieved on the Flynn I-65 project established a new paradigm using Leica’s LMGS-S,  ride was indisputably proven to be as good as the best stringline-guided slipform paving.