Thursday, November 11, 2010

New S600 Slipform Paver

Concrete Slipform Paver

Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) is proud to announce the release of the S600 Multi-Purpose Slipform Paver.  The G&Z S600 Slipform Paver is designed around a multi-purpose tractor frame that makes it ideal for city street, secondary roads, highway and airport paving as well as a wide range of other applications such as barrier walls, off-set paving and zero or minimum clearance paving.  The S600’s design has redefined what mobility means for a small paver without sacrificing the same performance advantages contractors have come to expect from G&Z’s large and mid-size paver.  Utilizing G&Z’s time tested and rugged paving kit design, the S600 is capable of achieving excellent ride numbers on the toughest IRI and zero blanking band projects.