Monday, December 12, 2011

Dufferin Construction Selects G&Z Slipform Paving Spread For Canada’s Longest Runway

Concrete Slipform Paver

To build what will be the longest airport runway in Canada, Dufferin Construction Company, a division of Holcim (Canada) Inc. recently purchased a three-machine spread of concrete paving equipment from Guntert & Zimmerman. Ontario-based Dufferin Construction , which already owns two other G&Z pavers, bought an S1500 four-track Slipform Paver, a PS1200 Placer Spreader, and an TC1500 Texture Cure Machine for this project.

The big project is at Calgary International Airport in Alberta, where Dufferin’s contract calls for more than 1 million square meters (1.2 million square yards) of new concrete surface. Construction has already started. Dufferin essentially will have two construction seasons – 2012 and 2013 – to complete the work, which is scheduled to wrap up by May 2014....Read More.

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